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The hostel is situated in the village of Pontboset, Once at the place of the hostel “LOU CRETON DI LUI" there was the old XVII Century Parish. Now it is entirely renewed and a particularly attention was paid in order to keep the original architecture.
In this place, in the last century during famine time there were caught sight of hunting wolves. That is the reason because of the dialectal name of the hostel which means “The ridge of the wolf”.

The building is situated near the city hall, in front of “San Grato” Church. In front of the church there is a small square from where it begins the old village with its typical alpine and traditional architecture. (Rascard, Grenze, fountains).
The hostel is surrounded by hundred-year-old chestnut trees. The place is quiet and peaceful although many festivals and events bringing cheerful moments are organized for local people and tourists.

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